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"My summer at Operation Wildlife was a summer well spent. Not only did I have a fun, rewarding, and educational experience, I also found what I am passionate about. I learned that I want to spend the rest of my life caring for animals in need, and I got a taste of what this career path will be like. Though it required that I sacrifice my summer, that I spend months away from friends and family, and that I put in hours of hard and exhausting work every day, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The benefits by far outweigh the costs. I can only hope that my future experiences in the field are as valuable."
- Heather, OWL Intern, 2007

"The best part was the learning experience. I felt that I learned so much that will be very helpful when I go to vet school. A lot of what I learned will be helpful even if I never make it to vet school. I learned so much it would take a whole book to write it all so I'll just give some highlights: wing wraps, signs and symptoms of distemper, general treatment, and what to tell people when they find injured animals were some of the most useful. Thanks so much for allowing me to gain the experience. I know that at times it was frustrating and tiring, but I know that all I learned will be very helpful in the future."
- Nicole, OWL Intern, 2007

"Thank you Operation WildLife for teaching me so much about caring for wildlife, running an excellent facility, and keeping me laughing during the stressful times. It was a joy working with each and every volunteer at the facility."
-Sarah, OWL Intern, 2004


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