Rescue and Rehabilitation

OWL provides rescue and rehabilitation services to injured and orphaned animals in northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.

OWL acts in the best interest of each animal received. After emergency needs are met and the animal is stabilized, a program for total recovery is designed. Steps in the recovery program include:

  • Medical attention
  • Special housing
  • Natural foods or close substitutes
  • "Siblings" and/or "foster parents" for juveniles

Wildlife Education

OWL provides wildlife education to citizens of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri. The goal of our educational program is to help participants develop a better understanding and appreciation of widlife. We emphasize the special challenges faced by wild animals today and offer information on native species and habitats. We also offer suggestions to foster peaceful coexistence between widlife and humans.

OWL houses several birds which have been too badly hurt or have become too accustomed to humans to survive in their natural habitat. These birds are used as part of our wildlife presentations. Click here for pictures and brief bios of our public education birds.

In addition to OWL's educational programs, OWL volunteers answer on the average between 40-70 informational phone calls a day.

Our Facility

Our 4,000 square foot rehabilitation and education facility enables rehabilitators to provide a full range of physical therapy for patients. The facility is fully equipped including:

  • Surgical Suite
  • Isolation room
  • Treatment and Diagnostic areas
  • Flight pens
  • Outdoor enclosures
  • Water garden
  • Songbird habitat

Because of federal restrictions, we are unable to give facility tours. However, you can view photos of our facility in our online gallery.


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