Internships at OWL

job description

The animal care internship mainly involves animal husbandry responsibilities, but also incorporates administrative duties such as record-keeping, admittance procedures, and answering the telephone. The following is not an exhaustive list, as the needs of our facility change on a day to day basis.

Facility Duties

  • Capturing and restraining animals based on species of animals and based on injury.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of indoor caging and caging area. Cleaning of animals.
  • Preparation of food, utilizing proper diets, appropriate ratios, sizes and amounts of food to be given.
  • Feeding of animals, incorporating correct placement of bowls and frequency of feeding
  • Formula preparation and feeding of formula to babies, using correct methods of measuring and preparing liquid formulas for baby animals.
  • Proper admittance of incoming patients. Initial set-up of animal (providing proper housing and basic medical treatment).
  • Administration of medical treatments. Follow instructions for medical treatments.
  • Observation and monitoring health and well-being. Maintaining observation records, observing the animals for body temperature changes, stool and urine observations, hydration levels, lethargy, feeding and eating responses, and stress levels.
  • General housekeeping, using appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents. Sweeping and mopping of work areas, wiping down counters, proper removal of garbage, laundry, dishwashing, and washing carriers and other caging.

Administrative Duties

  • Answering the facility phone in a polite, courteous, diplomatic and professional manner.
  • Admittance procedures. Follow proper posted protocol for admitting animals, filling in admittance form completely, and working with the public to bring us the animal in a professional and diplomatic manner.
  • Record-keeping. Keeping track of animal feedings on forms and feeding board, filling out medication records completely, keeping track of observations on feeding sheets, and noting appropriate behavioral and health concerns of every patient.


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