Educational Programs

OWL presents the programs listed below to help participants develop a better understanding and appreciation of wildlife. The programs emphasize the special challenges faced by wild animals today and offer information on native species and habitats. Many of the programs include one or more of OWL's education animals as part of the instruction. Custom presentations are also available.

If you would like more information about any of these programs, have questions, or would like to schedule a presentation, please fill out our online inquiry form and Diane Johnson, OWL's executive director, will contact you regarding your request.

If you are interested in supporting our educational programs, please check out our Adopt-a-Bird Program. Your generous donation will help support food and housing for the public education bird of your choice.

Don't Touch That Baby!

A live Great Horned Owl and taxidermi ed mounts of baby animals that didn’t make it. It is an informative program that teaches the natural history of wild baby animals with the message: "Don’t Touch That Baby".

Wings & Feet

A live owl, a live hawk, and a live snake. Explains the adaptive survival characteristics between hawks and owls (coloration, eyes, feet, body coverings, etc.). The snake is not only predator but also prey. Includes props of freeze-dried wings and talons of animals that didn’t make it.


A combination of 5 live hawks and falcons of different species. Students learn the hunting habits and adaptive characteristics of the birds in the presentation.


A live Great Horned Owl, Barred Owl, Short-eared Owl, Barn Owl and Screech Owl. Students learn the hunting habits and adaptive characteristics of these birds.

Deluxe Raptor Program

Mix and match three birds from the Dayshift Program with 3 birds from the Nightshift Program for a total of 6 birds.

CSI Program

An investigative program giving evidence, facts and clues. Props, x-rays, photos, bird calls, live birds and more uswed to help the children solve quesitons such as: What kind of bird is it? What is the injury? Is it releasable?

Appropriate for K-6 grade level. Limit of 65 children per presentation.

Eagle Presentation

Covers the story of their injury, physical characteristics special to eagles, nesting, fun facts and props used to help visualize their wing span, eyesight, size, etc. This is an interactive presentation.

Special Design Program

Built to suit the needs of the group or organization by request. Fees are determined based on time, set up, number of birds, etc.

Informational Program

Can cover a wildlife topic by request, or information about Operation WildLife itself. It can include a bird. Literature and/or handouts given or possible activities included. Fees are determined on an individual basis.

Birthday Bash with OWL

Celebrate your birthday "On the Wild Side" with Operation Wildlife. Seasonal outdoor program - restrictions apply. Program includes three live birds of prey and a program to fit the appropriate age group. Program recommended for 3-10 year olds - time limit of 45 minutes. A "Wish List" will be sent ahead of time to send with your invitations. Each child may bring one item or more from the list to help "OWL" with its many needs. Brochures can also be sent ahead of time if requested.

Classroom Programs

Built for classroom presentations and specific age groups. The number in attendance is limited. The available classroom programs are as follows:

Bat Program

A very informative program covering facts such as echo location and environmental benefits, including pictures of Kansas bats and a bat skeleton. This program is available as two 30-minute presentations or one 50-minute presentation. Limit of 65 children per presentation. Elementary level.

Skins & Skulls

Several different mammal pelts and skulls are brought to the classroom where students can touch the pelts and learn to identify the animals. The program covers animal adaptations such as camouflage. Limit of 30 children per presentation. 3rd-6th grade

Cast Party

An informational and hands-on learning of what owls cannot digest. Students dissect real owl pellets, use a bone chart to identify bones and take home their findings. Program includes a small live owl of our choice and owl pellets. Educator is responsible for providing latex gloves for dissection of owl pellets. Limit of 30 children per presentation. 3rd-6th grade.

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